Stayin' Alive

A project by P-O-L-O to enjoy everyday life with music and photographs.

Starting in 2020, Andrea Esposito challenged me to share a black and white photo every day for one week.
Andrea (Andrew) is a very renowned fellow photographer at the Australian Institute of Professional Photographer, and a great friend, so that I couldn't say no.

The rules were simple: the photo needed to portray some aspect of your day, no explanation, nothing fancy, without any fuss. During the challenge, I found myself more aware of my surroundings.

Initially, it was all about a daily photograph, but after the week was over, I found it so engaging that I decided to continue it indefinitely.

I'm a music lover, so after a while, I started to think: "What would that song look like" so I started to link it to the daily photograph. Finding inspiration from these songs and then interpreting them on my way.

As if this was not enough, I started asking friends to suggest a song they liked, and I started doing the same with their song.

I guess this was the point where the project got exciting and engaging for everyone.